Engine Block Bore kit


 The Engine Block Bore Kit with Forged Piston

The Purpose of Bore Up Kit

¬†Engine Block Bore kit is the best racing parts that used in adding engine displacement for additional power and speed. This package normally includes the engine block, forged piston kit with piston pin, piston ring and gaskets.[sociallocker id=”585″][/sociallocker]

Underbone engine is considered to be the most flexible and easiest to modify. Because of the availability of its racing parts in every engine bike models such as Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki.

One of the well-known set-up for underbone race engine is the monstrous bore-up kit installation. It is pricey yet very effective in adding speed, power and engine displacement. I’ve said this on my previous blog, choosing the low price race parts means selecting a poor quality race parts. There are many brands for particular underbone engine available in the market, don’t be confused in getting the right one. Just only go for the best brand, and you will also get the best result for your race engine project.

Again, there are many things to consider before you purchase your engine block bore up package.

First and foremost, you should know where you will going to use this kit and what is your purpose in using it. Is it for drag racing? circuit racing? or just for touring or only for daily ride.

Second, you should know what type of bore up kit available for your engine.

  • Steel bore
  • Chrome bore
  • Nikasil Bore
  • Water cooled bore
  • Air cooled bore

The third thing that you should consider is the size of the bore up kit that you need for your project underbone engine. It is very important to know your bike’s engine specification first before buying a bigger bore. Don’t forget that your engine crankcase has a limit size for the specified bore size. Please be guided with this information because this is vital. If you already bought your bore up kit and you found out that its size was exceeded your crankcase limitation. Then don’t lose hope there is still a way for that problem. All you gonna do is go to the nearest precision shop then ask about milling your crankcase so that your bore up kit would fit on it.

Fourth and the last thing that should have on your list is the piston type. There are three types of piston designs that are available or sometimes included in the bore up kit package.


  • Flat Piston
  • Semi Dome Type Piston
  • Full Dome Type Piston

Choosing the best bore up kit for your project race engine is not just simple as you think. There are certain rules to follow and guidelines to be considered before buying such racing parts like this.

We are hoping that you will learn some instruction and techniques with this blog post, we are happy to share our knowledge and our time to each of you. Ride Safe Always.

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