CDI Box | Ignition System


Cdi Box | Ignition System

Underbone Race Engine’s Brain

 Cdi Box or Ignition System main job is to generate heat or spark that allows this to ignite the mixture of air and gas inside the engine’s cylinder head. This is how the combustion cycle start. This is only the basic meaning but if I say full race kit for underbone bikes it is simply a different story. For more information please click here.

[sociallocker id=”585″][/sociallocker]      Let’s just say that you’ve already installed your bore up kit, racing camshaft, stroker kit, and your racing carburetor, do you think these race parts are enough to win in any match? it is 101% NO. Loser-heads would say YES 102% believe me.  Many beginners would think that those race parts are just fine enough to beat the other bikes, maybe yes and maybe no. For us (Underbone Racing Team), we don’t actually use this word “MAYBE” inside the race track. What’s that for? maybe win or maybe lose? it’s basically nonsense. Our main goal is to win in any race track, period.

 Maybe you are still wondering why I said NO. I will explain this briefly so that you can understand all my reasons correctly. Number 1, even if you’ve already installed those race parts, your engine’s power will remain the same as stock/normal stage, that’s because of the limitation installed on your bike’s cdi box (Capacitor Discharge Ignition). Every underbone bike model has this what is so called default RPM settings and obviously it’s inside your C.D.I property. Unfortunately, unlike the newer models of underbone bikes that are now equipped with E.C.U (Engine Control Unit), they can be tweaked to remove such RPM power restriction without buying a new one. C.D.I are designed specifically to its engine specification model, they are not tweak-able, the only way to remove this RPM power restriction is to buy an aftermarket racing (No Limit) cdi box for your engine type. There are some programmable racing C.D.I available in the market today, you can adjust the RPM maps in every gear that you want to have a higher power. This Capacitor Discharge Ignition serves as the main brain controller of the spark/heat in the combustion cycle of your engine. Number 2, even if you already have everything installed in your engine(including the racing C.D.I) the power output that you would get is still 50%. Why? because racing C.D.I main job is only to control the voltage spark/heat. Racing Coil with high tension wire will do the delivery of the actual amount of voltage that the racing C.D.I allowed your bike to use.  The racing coil is the best friend of your racing C.D.I don’t forget that, and 25% of power is behind of this kit. They will not work perfectly without any one of them. To sum up, you already have 75% then how can you complete the output power?. The answer is the Racing Iridium Spark-plug. This little spunky sparky thing will finish all the work done by your racing C.D.I and racing coil, from controlling to delivery of voltage then lastly execution of all the sparks/heat through the racing iridium spark-plug to start the boost in combustion cycle.

 Full Race Ignition system is consist of Racing CDI box, Racing Coil with High Tension Wire, and the Iridium Racing Spark-Plug  respectively. Each of them has its own purpose/used that are indeed important to the implementation of ignition process to start the combustion cycle inside your underbone engine.

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