Racing Motor Engine Modification Tutorial


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Racing Motor Engine Modification Tutorial.

 Let’s begin the racing motor engine modification tutorial.[sociallocker id=”585″][/sociallocker] In the race track whether if it’s in drag racing or circuit racing this phrase ” take home the bacon” is the only thing that a racing team’s main goal; to win the race.

 The question is, how can you win the race if you don’t have the best and the most powerful engine?

 This is the main reason why we decided to build this website. To help you understand the whole system in race engine development. Also, to give you the best advice in getting your perfect racing parts and brands that are available.

In addition to that we will recommend also the best race engine mechanic to your nearest location.

We are hoping that you will support our website by reading our blogs about Race Engine Modification Tutorial for Beginners. Thank you and ride safe. Let’s start from the scratch.

Before you to start in building your best engine and make the beast full race set engine, it is most important to know first its whole specification.  Such as engine bore size, valves size and ports, gearing and so on. Why these things are important to know first?.  It is indeed important to know them all so that you would have the idea on how many engine displacement (cc)  would you like to add on your engine.

 Many beginners in race engine modification are just happy in adding bore up kits to add engine displacement on their bike’s engine. They are disregarding some major points and rules in engine modification. 

 If  you add displacement then your engine will add a higher compression automatically. Over engine compression could lead to engine failure.

 It is appropriate that after adding additional bore up, you should replace your stock cylinder head to bigger vales race head. But still it depends on how much compression that your stock cylinder head can accommodate.

 Also, you can still enlarge the intake and exhaust ports of your cylinder head and polished them well, if you don’t have enough funds to buy such racing super head.
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