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Importance of Racing Carburetor

 Racing Carburetor is commonly used inside the race tracks. The primary job of the carburetor is to regulate the mixture of air and fuel that enters your engine cylinder head. You can check the full information of the carburetor by clicking here.

   Many types of carburetors are mostly designed for daily use, but there are also built for racing purposes only. It is wiser to choose such round slide and a diaphragm type of carburetor if you only intend it to use on your daily rides. Flat slides carburetors are commonly used in racing, and they are dreadful asses with gas consumption headache. If you are not engaging with racing then it is much better for you to stay on your stock carburetor.

 Most of the racing team are getting rid of this kind of problem by installing the full race ignition system to maximized the efficiency of their racing carburetors. This full race ignition system is a big help in the combustion cycle of the engine. The carburetor pushed in the mixture of air and fuel towards your engine cylinder head then the spark plug fires the mixture.

 Choosing the best carburetor is matters if you want to get a good result on your project engine. Don’t forget that the carburetor is the heart of your engine. Do you want to put a weak heart to your engine or you want to have the lion’s heart on it?. The answer is, it is your choice. We are only here to guide you and to explain to you the importance of carburetors that are mainly used in racing.

 Please be guided that aside from carburetor type, it is vital to take note of the size of the carburetor that you are going to install on your engine. Installation of bigger size carburetor doesn’t mean that you would get the same greater output power. Many beginners in racing development are actually doing this wrong. There are still rules in choosing the best one for your engine.



    • 18mm carburetors are more efficient for 100cc to 110cc
    • 22mm carburetors are useful for 110 to 125cc
    • 24mm carburetors are more efficient for 125cc to 135cc
    • 26mm carburetors are more efficient for 150cc
    • 28mm carburetors are effective for 150 to 160cc
    • 30mm carburetors are more efficient for 160cc to 180cc
    • 34mm carburetors are more efficient for 180cc to 200cc

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     Perfect tuning with the help of your race engine mechanic will inevitably run your engine smoothly. You can also change the stock slow/pilot jet, main jet, carburetor needle and the floater if can’t tune it correctly.

    Faqs and General Points

    • 1. Is it good to use a bigger carburetor to your stock engine?
    • No!, your stock engine specification is only designed for its stock or original carburetor size. Replacing your stock size carburetor will not add power and engine speed unless you will upgrade your engine to higher displacement (cc).
    • 2. Is it advisable to use a flat-slide big carburetor for touring type engine?
    • No!, touring engine type is designed for daily use, and long ride purposes and racing type engine is considerably different among these two. The flat-slide racing carburetor is specifically developed for racing purposes only and thus, it is not intended for touring, or daily ride uses. Using a flat-slide type carburetor for long distance rides can cause you pocket pain due to its impracticality in gas consumption.
    • 3. Is it really fine not to use a bigger carburetor if your engine’s bike is already modified to higher displacement (cc)?
    • Undoubtedly NO!, is self-explanatory. Your engine’s stock carburetor can not be able to supply or provide the air and gas mixture that your upgraded engine needed to star. Remember that a bigger piston size uses a larger amount of air and gas mixture to push it down and up as the combustion cycle started.

    General Points

     The carburetor is the heart of your engine, indeed. Its primary job is to supply and circulate the gas and air mixture towards your engine’s cylinder head; then the other components will fires up the mixture, combustion cycle begins. There are specific types of every modified engine, and carburetor size is also important in choosing the perfect one for your project. There are Standard Size Rules to follow on each or every engine displacement category.

     We will post our top 3 best brands of racing carburetors here. Please follow us for more information. Kindly share this post with your friends if you find it informative. Thank you and ride safely.


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