Stroker Engine Set


Stroker Engine Set

Stroker Engine for More Displacement and Additional Torque Power

 Stroker engine modification is the most critical and yet the most effective way in adding engine displacement, power and torque. Installation of the stroked crankshaft is done by the professional race engine mechanic only. It is too delicate to use this kind of race parts to your engine. Proper installation of this stroked crankshaft should be really performed by your race engine mechanic.



  1.  Special screw
  2.  Connecting Rod assembly
  3.  Half bearing
  4.  Grub Screw
  5.  Bushes
  6.  Crankshaft
  7.  Grub screw
  8.  Shim washers
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 It is wiser to purchase the whole stroked crankshaft kit instead of replacing the crankshaft pin. We strongly advise this because the jack up kit/Crankshaft kit is already balanced perfectly and it is considered as bolt on ready. Thus, replacing the stroker pin with higher pin would have the same result. The problem is, there’s a lot of work to be done if you choose this method of modification. You need to disassemble the crankshaft and loose out the stoker pin, then after that you need to go to your nearest Precision and Balancing Shop to finish the job for you. The most important thing that you should be aware is that if this replacement crankshaft pin is not perfectly balanced then your whole project would be jeopardized.

Please call our Race Engine Mechanics and Engine Modification Professionals to help you out with this problem. MykWorks and RedSpeed are the best in Precision and Balancing of your crankshaft.


 Guidelines and Techniques

 Stroker engine is commonly used in drag racing, it not advisable to use this in circuit racing or for touring purposes.  If you stroked up your crankshaft the outputs are additional engine displacement (cc) and additional torque. Engine Displacement + Torque = Higher Horsepower. Be guided that in adding more stroke to your engine could decrease your engine’s ability to perform optimal at high rpm. It is more proven effective to add bigger bore if you want to use your underbone bike in circuit racing or in touring purposes.

Somehow there are still safe methods  in using a stroked engine set if you can’t avoid to apply this to your engine. Perfect balance is the key if you want choose to use the stroker pin replacement method. Again, it is much safer to use the crankshaft package. The maximum additional stroke that you can probably use and considered as safe is 1.5mm. Exceeding to this 1.5mm could lose your engine’s stability to perform in high rpm. Anyway 1.5mm is enough to gain 3 in the engine displacement calculation ( up stroke + down stroke)= displacement gain.

Engine Displacement Calculation is Bore x Bore x Stroke x 0.0007854 = cc


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